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2019年6月2日波兰旅游局北京办事处跟波兰共和国驻华大使馆文化处在宁波文化广场开了波兰艺术家Tytus Brzozowski的展览。






作品中的波兰城市在超现实主义背景下的丰富多彩和快乐喜悦, 可以迅速将您带到波兰,漫步在这些充满生机的城市的街道上并感受波兰的风土人情。身处新的地方,我们欣赏从未走过的地方,当你看到它时会感叹犹如童话般的王国。与此同时,我们也会找寻这些童话国度与我们故乡的相似之处,身处异国,那些唤醒我们的相似之处会让我们即使远离家乡万里,也能找到心灵的寄托之处。提图斯·波热奥佐夫斯基的水彩画带给我们的就是这样的感觉和心灵上的慰藉。 这些画作带我们踏上那些我们曾经梦想过的旅行,探寻和发现现实与幻想之间的微妙之处。欣赏这些画作会激起我们探索画中城市的欲望,使我们想要沉浸在这种氛围中并亲自领略乌托邦之城的魅力。 在波兰,有很多值得探索的梦想之地。

波兰众多的度假娱乐项目以及旅游的便利化使其成为越来越多的中国游客的必经目的地。 2017年,来自中国的访客量比例增加高达50%以上,而今年增幅达20%,访问量跃升至接近16万余人次。

我们希望借由这次展览能激发更多的中国朋友更加了解波兰的城市,更加喜爱波兰的城市,欢迎大家到波兰看一看。 我们非常高兴提图斯·波热奥佐夫斯基先生将波兰之美呈现在画纸之上,与中国的朋友们一同分享理想国度的美好。

On Sunday 2nd of June we had a pleasure to open an art exhibition of Polish painter - Tytus Brzozowski, organized by Polish Institute, Polish National Tourist Office in Beijing and Ningbo Cultural Plaza. The exhibition is available for visitors 2.06.2019 - 9.06.2019 from 10:00 to 17:00, free of charge, in U-Space gallery in Ningbo.

Tytus Brzozowski is well known architect and artist whose paintings decorate not only some of the best galleries, private collections and official events but can be seen on streets of Poland as well. His works combine both cultural aspects of Polish history and architecture as well as touristic attractiveness of the country. They will allow you to travel to Poland for a short period of time, to stroll along beautiful streets, breathing in the unique atmosphere of the city. What else travel is if not a glimpse into an unknown fairyland. When visiting new places, we awe at the new, at everything that’s different, at the unknown, at places that look like they came from one of the stories we heard as children. At the same time, we are looking for similarities, the small things that remind us of home and make us feel more comfortable in foreign place. Paintings of Tytus Brzozowski do just that. They take us on a journey through streets that we think we know, just to discover new surprises hidden in small details. They take us to imaginary places just like the ones from fairy tales, only to find out that they are not that different from our hometown. They awake / stir an urge to learn more about the depicted cities, to be able to soak into atmosphere of the place and discover the fairy land first hand. And when it comes to Poland, there is definitely a lot to discover.

The wide range of possibilities for spending your holidays in Poland alongside travel facilitations makes it more and more popular destination among Chinese tourists. In 2017 we observed more than 50% increase in number of visits from China, and this year the 20% increase lead to more than 158 000 visits.

We hope this exhibition will inspire more Chinese friends to fell in love with our cities and visit beautiful Poland. We are very happy Tytus Brzozowski had a chance to bring small piece of our country with him to China for visitors to see.


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