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Between February 21st and 23rd once again we had a pleasure of taking part in the GITF, reaching over 30,000 people working in the tourism industry. At the stand visitors could watch films promoting Poland, pick up brochures and small gifts with the most important information about our country, as well as follow our WeChat account and connect to our e-learning platform targeted at Chinese tour operators. From year to year during those fairs we can observe a significant increase in interest in Poland as a potential tourist destination. this trend was noticed as well by organizers of fairs who awarded Poland with "Distinctive Tourist Destination Award".

Tourist are attracted to Poland invariably by the unique history and architecture of the cities, the picturesque coast of Pomerania and, especially in the face of the currently available program "Fearless 20s" (link to information about the program) - winter attractions of the Tatras region. Tour operators who visted the booth were looking for answers to very specific questions about calendar of festivals in Poland, types of interactive attractions combining Polish folklore in which tourists can take an active part, contacts to Polish travel companies and visa formalities. For this reason, we highly value the presence of representatives of the Polish industry during fairs, when they can establish on the spot promising contacts with Chinese partners. This year a  travel agency Tarifa sp. z o.o., dealing in business tourism (MICE) was exhibiting.

During the Guangzhou International Travel Fair, we also had the opportunity to visit the Canton branch of Hua Cheng, which is the largest provider of group tours around Europe for Chinese travel agencies. The meeting was aimed at conducting a short training on the most important issues related to the Polish travel offer, in connection with the upcoming introduction of the monotrip to Poland. It will be the first tourist product sold within Guangzhou, covering a several-day tour solely in Poland. The new offer is to be announced at the end of March at the official Product Launch gala organised by Hua Cheng for more than 500 representatives of their partner travel agencies.


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