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波兰国家旅游局很荣幸再次参加了5月15日至17日在上海举办的 ITB China。这已经是我司第三次参与该展会。2019年参会人数达到 17 000 人, 其中包括来自84个国家的800多家参展商。 展会吸引了来自中国不同地区的850多名买家, 其中40% 是二线和三线城市的代表。

来自波兰的3家地接社加入了我们的展位: 新世界、Funclub和Tarifa。波兰地接社乐于结识新的潜在商业伙伴, 向更多买家介绍自己的业务, 并加强现有的业务关系。他们评价,尽管 与其他展会相比, 展位参观人数并不多, 但专业观众的质量要高得多。

在 ITB 展会期间举行了许多小组讨论、会议和推介。其中之一是中国出境旅游研究院COTRI与中国最大的在线旅行社携程合作, 共同颁发的年度 “欢迎中国游客奖”CTW 奖项的颁奖仪式。COTRI 是中国最负盛名的研究机构, 研究方向包括中国的旅游趋势, 它同时支持外国旅游局的活动, 并就如何为中国旅客提供最优质的产品为国际供应商提供指导。COTRI每年向来自旅游业的公司和组织颁发5个类别的奖项:

  • 市场推广
  • 创新
  • 服务质量
  • 互联网媒体
  • 整体表现

今年我们很荣幸首次入选获奖名单。波兰旅游局北京办事处因其在中国的宣传推广活动,及为首挡在波兰拍摄的真人秀 《横冲直撞20岁》提供支持而获得媒体类铜奖。11位火箭少女在跨越撒哈拉沙漠后抵达波兰,在塔特拉山的雪国边境和幽深密林中,体验极致青春和团队成长。《横冲直撞20岁》由腾讯视频出品,谢涤葵导演领衔原《爸爸去哪儿》团队执镜,拍摄团队近140人,堪称欧洲最大的户外探险类真人秀,也是迄今为止在波兰拍摄的第一部国产综艺。

 "我们非常感谢 COTRI 和携程授予的这一殊荣。这是为服务中国游客的机构颁发的最负盛名的旅游奖项之一, 能够在这么多富有创意和高效的旅游局中脱颖而出, 我感到非常荣幸。这类活动让我们有机会相互学习, 交流在中国市场开展的推广活动, 并介绍我们的成功经验。我们希望它能进一步推动波兰成为伟大营销活动的潜在合作伙伴, 并在未来的 CTW 奖项取得好成绩。" 波兰旅游局北京办事处代理首席代表苏珊娜·古特科斯卡如此评价。

May 15th to 17th last week, the Polish National Tourist Office had pleasure to participate once again in ITB in Shanghai. It was already the 3rd edition of the event and the number of attendees reached 17 000, including more than 800 exhibitors from 84 countries.  The fairs attracted more than 850 buyers from different regions of China, from which 40% were representatives of 2nd and 3rd tier cities, as organizers report.

Our booth was joined by 3 travel companies from Poland, which participated as well in previous travel fairs in China: New World, Funclub and Tarifa. The polish companies were happy to meet new possible business partners, present their offer to wider public and strengthen existing business relations. They noted that comparing to other fairs there wasn’t that many visitors to the booth but the quality of undergone talks was much higher.  

During the ITB fair numerous discussion panels, conferences and presentations took place. One of them was the ceremony of announcing annual CTW awards granted by COTRI – China Outbound Travel Research Institute, in cooperation with Ctrip - biggest Online Travel Agency in China. COTRI is the most prestigious research institute examining travel trends in China, supporting foreign tourism boards in their activities and giving guidance to international tourism industry on how to offer best quality products to Chinese travelers. Every year it awards companies and organizations from travel industry in 5 categories:

  • Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Service Quality
  • Internet/Media
  • Overall Performance

This year we were honored to be included among the winners for the first time. Our Office received Bronze prize in Media category for our efforts in promoting Poland in China and supporting filming of “Fearless 20” reality show in Poland. The show took the girls band Rocket Girls first across the Sahara Desert, and then into the snowy forest of Poland’s Tatra Mountain, to test their teamwork in the wilderness of nature. It was produced by Tencent Video – one of the main video streaming platform in China, and directed by renowned director of phenomenal reality show “Where Are We Going, Dad?” - Xie Dikui. The filming crew team included 140 people, making it the biggest Chinese outdoor expedition reality show taking place in Europe, and the first one in Poland.

We are very grateful to COTRI and Ctrip for this distinction. This is one of the most prestigious travel awards granted to companies catering to Chinese tourists and it’s a great honor to be listed among so many creative and efficient organizations. This type of event gives us a chance to learn from each other, exchange experience in new activities taken on Chinese market and present some of our best practices. We are hoping that it will further promote Poland as a potential partner for great marketing campaigns, which will result as well in future CTW awards.” - commented Zuzanna Gutkowska, acting director of Polish National Tourism Office in Beijing.


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